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Hello, thanks for choosing Super tacos Hernandez. We are committed to serve the best tasting and high quality Mexican food around . We at Super Tacos Hernandez know the homemade flavor people like and when it comes to making the best tasting and most authentic Mexican food, we are the best, guaranteed! We serve the area of Orange county, Inland empire, LA, San Diego and Palm Springs. We cater for any type of event and for any number of people.

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Catering Packages

Tacos Only

  • Meats included: Asada (steak) Grilled chicken, Al Pastor (Marinated pork)
  • Salsa Bar: Red salsa (HOT) green salsa (MILD)
  • Garnishments (Onions, cilantro, limes
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Super Taco Package
(Our Most Popular)

  • Meats included: asada(steak), grilled chicken, al pastor(marinated pork)
  • Spanish rice and pinto beans
  • Salsa bar: red salsa(hot), green salsa(mild)
  • Garnishments (onions, cilantro, lime)
  • Flavored water*
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Tacos + Tortas + Burritos

  • Super Tacos Package
  • Tortas & Burritos
  • Mayo, lettuce & pickled jalapenos and carrots)
  • Cheese
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Additional Info

All packages include: Chips, Agua Fresca (flavored water) *Small [Upgrade to a large water for $20] and plates, cups, napkins and eating utensils.

Optional sides: Grilled onions & jalapenos, grilled veggies, sour cream

Extras (for every 50 people) :Cheese on table $20 Shrimp $50 Carnitas $50 Lengua $60 Tortas $50 Grilled nopales $30 Nopales salad ($50) Desserts (Strawberries/peaches/tangerines with creme) $50 Hot dogs

Wedding Packages Available

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